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  • Special protection for young workers
  • No discrimination 
  • Fair remuneration
  • Decent working hours
  • Decent working hours
  • Occupational health and safety

Four main processes
involved in cutting section

Marker Planning

When all the necessary data about the textile materials delivered to the cutting room have been obtained, lay planning and marker making processes may be further work processes in the cutting room.

Fabric Spreading

Spreading is a process during which fabric is cut in pieces of certain length and the pieces placed one above another in many plies.

Fabric Cutting

Cutting is the process of separating a spread into garment components as a replica of pattern pieces on a marker. It also involves transferring marks and notches from the marker to garment components to facilitate sewing.

Fabric Bundling

Most of the sewing rooms use the bundling system, where small batches of garments move from one workstation to another in a controlled manner.

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Button Sewing Machine

A button sewing machine is used to sew the button in the garment without damaging it on demand.

Feed of Arm Sewing Machine

It is used to stitch a tubular seam of narrow width on the edge of shirts and trousers.

Blind Stitch Machine

It is used for hem stitching in a knitted fabric since the hem stitch is too small in right side is invisible.

Overlock Machine

It sews over the edge of the fabric plies for edge neatening, hemming or seaming.

Bar Tacking Machine

These machines are used for sewing dense stiches around the open end of the buttonhole.

Buttonhole Sewing Machines

Buttonhole machines are used for creating buttonholes in the garment and to finish the edges.


Working Process of Finishing Department
in Beauty & Beauty Worldwide

  • 1
    Quality inspection (inside) process wise
  • 2
    Ironing / pressing (outside)
  • 3
    Quality inspection (outside) process wise Re-pressing
  • 4
    Inspection overall (out looks)
  • 5
    Accessories attached
  • 6